organic farming, sustainability, land use management, landscape


  • Yu-Pin Lin, Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean, Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, Bioresources and Agriculture College, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Li-Chi Chiang, Professor, Department Chair, Department of Bio-Industry Communication and Development, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Chiao Ming Lin, Researcher, GLP Taipei Nodal Office, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Yu-Fan Liu, Postdoctoral Fellow, Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Session description:

Since farmlands play a crucial role in food production while also providing various essential ecosystem services, permaculture conservation is one of the most important issues for worldwide sustainability. With the expansion of urbanization, increased anthropogenic activities, and other environmental challenges which have led to agricultural landscape and habitat fragmentation, however, biodiversity is reduced and thus many environmental issues arise. Therefore, it has become exceedingly necessary to clarify which agricultural ecosystem indices (e.g., landscape metrics specific to farmlands, the micro-climates of paddy fields, irrigation water quality data, the identification of indicator species, food chain analysis, and paddy field biodiversity), reveal integrated relationships between ecosystem services and farmlands. Our study recruited experts from a diversity of disciplines including geographic information systems, environmental engineering, agricultural production, land use planning and resource management, agricultural policy, with the aim to establish a model for transdisciplinary cooperation in the sustainable development of rural ecology.
We welcome contributions from diverse disciplines to share their findings in this session. Topics on environmentally-friendly farming and agricultural landscape management are particularly encouraged.